Sebastiaan Fiolet

Sebastiaan Fiolet

Industrial Product Designer & Render Enthusiast
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My 3D Journey

I love 3D modeling and rendering. My 3D journey started in 2010 during my engineering education (Industrial Product Design).
That’s where I learned Solidworks; 3D software that’s specialized in CAD (Computer Aided Design).

Not long after learning the basics of SolidWorks, I learned what rendering was. That’s when the real passion was born.

After graduation (2014) I worked full-time in the fencing industry, creating 3D models, technical drawings and renderings.
In 2015, I started my own business Sacred Creation; creating 3D Printed design jewelry with Sacred Geometry. Besides jewelry, I also did some freelance 3D modeling and rendering work.

And now I work part-time in the Injection Molding Industry, part-time in my own company; designing 3D Printed Jewelry and Freelance 3D modeling and rendering.
Since I wish to expand my freelance 3D modeling and rendering work, I adopted the company name besides Sacred Creation.

On this website I’m displaying some of my (personal) work. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to display all of my work due to NDA’s or Copyrights.

Personal Details

Birthdate 06-06-1991
Languages Dutch & English
Location Berg en Dal, Netherlands
Job Status Freelance & Employed

Software I use

3D/2D Skills


13+ Years

Photo Editing

14+ Years

PBR Rendering

11+ Years


2 Years, 8 Months

Other Skills


8+ Years

Product Design

13+ Years