Monarch Butterfly Studio

Monarch Butterfly Studio

Sacred Creation has designed a new jewelry pendant; the Geometric Butterfly Pendant. So it would be very fitting to have this new pendant presented in a (Monarch) Butterfly Studio.

For this render I found a nice CC0 Monarch Butterfly 3D model. This model was missing some textures and details, so I added them to give it some more realism (such as translucency / SSS, bump and some cases roughness).

Since I wanted the focus to be mainly on the jewelry piece, I added a black slate stone underneath the silver jewelry to create a strong contrast. This way the visual weight is focused on the jewelry piece. This black slate stone is sculpted in Blender and got some nice stone textures from AmbientCG.

A Monarch Butterfly Studio is nice, but I also needed a reason why the butterflies would stay around the jewelry piece. (Every render tells a story, so it has to make some sense). Therefore I added small water droplets on the black slate stone, so the butterflies can drink from these droplets.
In order to make it even more believable that I “sprayed” the water droplets on the stone, I also added some droplets on the cloth around it (thus adding imperfections).


  • SolidWorks for Hard Surface modeling (Jewelry)
  • Blender for Sculpting and modeling
  • Cycles X (Blender) as the Render Engine
  • Affinity Photo for 2D editing (Post Processing and Texture Creation)

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November 2023

Monarch Butterfly Studio - Clay Render