Tangerine Photogrammetry

Tangerine Photogrammetry

This was my very first trial with Photogrammetry; the art of converting photos into a 3D model.
So I took a tangerine from the fridge, my Yi M1 Camera and my photo studio box. For this to work, I took around 50 photos of the tangerine. Not long after shooting the photos, my significant other ate the tangerine.

I adjusted and exported the RAW image photos in Darktable and let Meshroom process the photos into a 3D Mesh file. Blender helped me out cleaning up the mesh mess.

Since Meshroom only created the diffuse image texture, I was missing some image textures to render it more realistically. Therefore I used Materialize of Bounding Box Software, to create a roughness map and a normal map.

Then I loaded all the files in Maverick Render and created a render of this tangerine.
I did add some ants to the render, since we have so many of them walking around the house lately…


  • AliceVision – Meshroom, for Photogrammetry
  • Blender for Mesh Cleanup
  • Bounding Box Software – Materialize, for Texture Creation
  • Maverick Render as the Render Engine
  • Darktable for adjusting and exporting the RAW photos
  • Affinity Photo for 2D editing (Post Processing and Texture Editing)

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March 2022

Tangerine Photogrammetry