3D-Render.nl - Sushi Chair

Cloudy Plastic Render Weekly Challenge

For this render I participated in Render Weekly’s Render Challenge; Season 7 Week 3.
Render Weekly is a community for Industrial Design rendering since 2018. A community which I, as an Industrial Product Designer, love to follow.

Every week, the Render Weekly team creates a design prompt and invites other enthusiasts to show their own version of the prompt. The best submissions get featured and promoted on their Instagram feed. The prompts are always for fun or for educational purposes.

The prompt for this render was: Design and render an object that uses a cloudy plastic material as its main gesture.

So for this render challenge for Render Weekly, I designed the Sushi Chair!
This chair started as a joke because it had some similarities to Sushi. So I thought it would be funny to go all out and design it as a full-fledged Sushi chair. The end result is not even that bad and actually a pretty cool chair.

Sushi Chair Features

The Cloudy Plastic seat: resembling the semi transparent, cloudy sushi rice.
Along with the greenish black powder coated metal frame, which resemble the Nori Sheet wrapping.
The wooden legs, which resemble the chopsticks to eat your Sushi.
For a bit of color I added the fluffy pillow, which looks like Salmon or Shrimp (take your pick).
To top it off, I rendered this modern design chair in an Avocado Green Room.


To design the Sushi Chair I used SolidWorks for modelling the metal frame, plastic seat and wooden legs. The pillow is made in Blender with a Cloth Simulation, Sculpting and Geometry Nodes (for the fluffy fibers).


  • SolidWorks for Hard Surface modeling
  • Blender for Sculpting, modeling and retopology
  • Cycles X (Blender) as the Render Engine
  • Affinity Photo for 2D editing (Post Processing and Texture Creation)

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March 2023

3D-Render.nl - Sushi Chair Close Up
3D-Render.nl - Sushi Chair
3D-Render.nl - Sushi Chair
3D-Render.nl - Sushi Chair
3D-Render.nl - Sushi Chair
3D-Render.nl - Sushi Chair