Tinder Fungus - 3D Scan

Tinder Fungus

Since November 2022 I moved to a nice new place, very close to a forest. Since I love nature and making nature renders, having access to nature so close to my home is a real blessing.

So during my walk through the forest (on New Year’s Day), I decided to 3D scan this Tinder Fungus I crossed paths with. This was also the ideal situation to try out my new phone’s camera (Oneplus Nord 2T). I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the photos my phone took, and so did Meshroom.

After 3D scanning in Meshroom, there was very little cleanup work to do in Blender. I did some texture baking, setting the scene with an HDRI and some lights, added a camera and boom! We have a nice render (some more work might have been involved).

I made this 3D scan available for free, so anyone can use this in his/her project. I might use this asset later in some other projects as well. Cheers and Happy New Year!


  • AliceVision – Meshroom, for Photogrammetry
  • Blender for Mesh Cleanup and Texture Baking
  • Cycles X (Blender) as the Render Engine
  • Affinity Photo V2 for 2D editing (Post Processing)

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January 2023

Tinder Fungus - 3D Scan - Clay