Vinyl Wall Decal

Vinyl Window Decal

So I made some renders for Sacred Creation again. This time I rendered the Vinyl Window Decal; Angelic Star Decal, which is also suitable for windows (basically almost any flat surface).

Since the decal is white, I needed some contrast for the decal to pop. I modeled a simple (dark) room with some nice plants behind the window, so it won’t be such a creepy room.

A nice HDRI image made the reflections of the window a bit more interesting and at the same time it lit the scene with some moody lighting.

In post processing I added some noise to the image, added a high pass filter and used a LUT to change the color a bit.


  • Blender for modeling
  • Simlab Composer 10 for 3rd Party Models conversion
  • Maverick Render as the Render Engine
  • Affinity Photo for 2D editing (Post Processing)

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March 2022

Vinyl Wall Decal - Clay Render