Jewelry on Maple Leaf

Jewelry on a Maple Leaf

Autumn is coming and I wanted to do something with these autumn-vibes.
I got inspired by a photograph of a ring, floating away on a leaf. Since it was rainy outside, I decided to render Sacred Creation Jewelry on a Maple Leaf, instead of photographing it.

In this project I went for shallow water, and a bit of a cold vibe. I used one of my free Tree GOBOs for some interesting light effects. The real challenge was the water, since water deforms in strange ways when it comes in contact with other (wet) objects. Despite the effort I’ve put in, the water still feels a bit off.


  • SolidWorks for the Jewelry
  • Blender for Sculpting and modeling
  • Cycles X (Blender) as the Render Engine
  • Affinity Photo for 2D editing (Post Processing)

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September 2022

Jewelry on Maple Leaf

Work in Progress Video