Mary Magdalene Pendant - Paper Cutout Studio

Paper Cutout Studio with Jewelry

For Sacred Creation I made a nice render of the Mary Magdalene Pendant.
I found some inspiration on the internet of dotting art and paper cutout / crafting. So I thought it would be a nice to combine these for with jewelry of Sacred Creation.

The dotting art is made with Affinity Designer (dotted stroke lines), I converted this to a black and white texture. In Blender I used this texture to displace a plane and with sculpting I softened the edges so it would look more like ink droplets. I then proceeded to bake a normal map of this, which is used in the final render.

To break the repetition a little and add some feeling of mystery and depth, I added some fern leafs to the scene.


  • SolidWorks for Hard Surface modeling (Jewelry)
  • Blender for Sculpting and modeling
  • Cycles X (Blender) as the Render Engine
  • Affinity Photo / Designer for 2D editing (Post Processing and Texture Creation)

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September 2023