Stacked Crystal Grids

Stack of Crystal Grids

For Sacred Creation I rendered one of their best selling Crystal Grids. With a Crystal Grid you can bend the energies of the Universe to a specific goal. Usually with the help of crystals. The product is laser cut and engraved.

For this render I modeled a very basic cylinder (with just 6 sides) in Blender. Then I UV unwrapped it and exported the UV layout so I could create the necessary textures in Affinity Photo.

I thought having a simple roughness on the lasered pattern would be enough for it to make it clearly visible, turns out I was wrong. After several trials I ended up with a blend material (meaning two materials combined), one material for the transparent acrylic and one white plastic material for the lasered pattern.

The result looks quite convincing!
You can purchase these Crystal Grids here.


  • Blender for modeling
  • Maverick Render as the Render Engine
  • Darktable (Post Processing)
  • Affinity Photo for 2D editing (Post Processing and Texture Creation)

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March 2022

Stacked Crystal Grids
Stacked Crystal Grids - Clay Render