Spelt Bread Rolls Photogrammetry

Spelt Bread Rolls Photogrammetry

Bready or not, this is my second photogrammetry project! This time it’s a Spelt Bread Roll (in case you can’t tell what I’ve rendered).

So I took my Yi M1 Camera again and my trusted old photo studio box.
This time, I changed the Aperture of my camera to 22 and set the ISO from 200 back to 100. This causes the Depth of Field to be very shallow and the photos to have less noise, which is very nice for photogrammetry and texture creation.
But the drawback is; less light gets into the sensor. So I cranked up the LED lights of my photo studio box and decreased the shutter speed slightly.

I took about 100 photos (last project I used about 50 photos). I adjusted and exported the RAW image photos in Darktable once again and let Meshroom process the photos into a 3D Mesh file.

Blender helped me out cleaning up the mesh mess, after which I used Instant Meshes to get me a retopologized model which I can UV unwrap. Once UV unwrapped, I baked the displacement map and normal map with Cycles X of Blender. First time I did some baking with Cycles X.

Actual Spelt Bread Roll baking was done by our Supermarket.

The Diffuse texture of the Spelt Bread Roll that Meshroom created was a slight bit garbled (mainly the sesame seeds). So I removed the sesame seeds from the texture in Affinity Photo. This also had a little drawback; the texture wasn’t fully seamless anymore. So I loaded the altered texture back in Blender and Texture painted the seams so that it became seamless again.

But what is a Spelt Bread Roll without Sesame Seeds?! So I modeled the Sesame Seeds in Blender and gave it a procedural material in Maverick Render. Since it also had Poppy Seeds, I modeled these as well and scattered them around on the cutting board along with some ants (I guess it’s becoming my signature those ants…)

For the background of the render, I used a simple image from Pexels.


  • AliceVision – Meshroom, for Photogrammetry
  • Blender for Mesh Cleanup and Texture Baking
  • Instant Meshes for Retopology
  • Maverick Render as the Render Engine
  • Darktable for adjusting and exporting the RAW photos
  • Affinity Photo for 2D editing (Post Processing and Texture Editing and Creation)

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April 2022

Spelt Bread Rolls Photogrammetry - Clay Render